Calprotectin for Orthopaedics

In patients with painful joints, the orthopaedic consultant must consider the possibility of infection, and calprotectin LFD offers an easy and cost-effective approach for PJI diagnostics.

Calprotectin (CPT) is a novel PJI biomarker for use in synovial fluid biopsies. Like Alpha-defensine (Synovasure), CPT is abundantly present in neutrophils. Presence of neutrophils is a hallmark of acute PJI, and a massive release of CPT occurs upon encounter with pathogens.

Elevated levels of CPT have been demonstrated to hold excellent diagnostic precision for both acute and chronic PJI, with excellent negative prediction value (NPV) for ruling out infection in suspected PJI patients (1).

In the synovial fluid, a CPT break point of 50 mg/L produced an area under the curve (AUC) of 0.94. These results are in accordance with the performance of the Synovasure test (1).

• The test is an easy, fast and quantitative Point of Care test (POCT) designed to give results within 15 minutes, and will help in detection of infection and aid towards a more accurate treatment.

• Synovial CPT is a biomarker that can be easily implemented in diagnostic for patients with a suspicion of PJI.

• With its high specificity and negative predictive value, synovial CPT can be used to exclude PJI.

• The PCT LFD test offered by Lyfstone is CE-IVD labelled.

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Linear range: <b>0,1 – 50ng/ml, r&gt;0,99</b>

Test format: <b>LFD kits (10, 25, 50 tests)</b>

Shelf life: <b>12 months</b>

Preferred Biopsies:<b> </b><strong>Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma</strong>


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