Few diagnostic tools are available for diagnostic procedures relating to prosthetic joint infection (PJI). Available diagnostic test holds either insufficient diagnostic accuracy, or are not cost-effective for the health care system.

In-house students on performance of CLP test in synovial fluid biopsies. Results correspond to measured Calprotectin levels in samples documented in the literature.

Calprotectin excludes PJI in 15 minutes

In patients with painful joints, the orthopaedic consultant must consider the possibility of infection, and calprotectin LFD offers an easy and cost-effective approach for PJI diagnostics.

Calprotectin (CLP) is a novel PJI biomarker for use in synovial fluid biopsies. CLP is abundantly present in neutrophils (like Alpha-defensine, Synovasure). Presence of neutrophils is a hallmark of acute PJI, and a massive release of CLP occurs upon encounter with pathogens.

Elevated levels of CLP have been demonstrated to hold excellent diagnostic precision for both acute and chronic PJI, with excellent negative prediction value (NPV) for ruling out infection in suspected PJI patients.