Lyfstone AS is a med-tech company developing informative and functional biomarkers for the orthopaedic market.

Our mission is to provide orthopaedic health care professionals with diagnostic tools to make better decisions and to deliver the best patient care.

We offer an easy, fast and quantitative Point of Care test (POCT) for Calprotectin in Synovial Fluid. The POCT is designed to give results within 15 minutes, and will aid in identifying the risk of prosthetic joint infection. For more information contact info@lyfstone.com

Lyfstone® Calprotectin for Synovial Fluid has been developed in close collaboration with Calpro AS, a Norwegian company with more than 20 years of experience in providing high quality products and solutions for Calprotectin analysis in faeces, plasma/serum samples, enabling a variety of important diagnostic insights, including the assessment of IBD and rheumatic diseases and distinguishing bacterial from viral infections.

Calpro AS is the legal manufacturer of Lyfstone® Calprotectin for Synovial Fluid.

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Lyfstone main office

SIVA Innovasjonssenter 9294 Tromsø, Norway


Lyfstone AS PB 6430 9294 Tromsø, Norway


Email: post@lyfstone.com Phone: +31 6531 61 102

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Calpro AS

Arnstein Arnebergs vei 30 N-1366 Lysaker, Norway




Email: mail@calpro.no Phone: +47 40 00 42 79

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Jonathan L. Schaffer

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Program Director, Advanced Operative Tech Group, Ortho Arthroplasty Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic; entrepreneur
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